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Rust Repairs Articles

A Good Corporate Citizen

SPECTRUM Smash Repairs is a specialist in a wide range of automotive services.

`death Trap' Ship Held In Port For Forced Repairs

A `RUST bucket' ship is being held at the Port of Newcastle for forced repairs after maritime safety authorities ruled it a floating death trap.

Biting The Biraban Bullet

OUR school bus, which has travelled across NSW, needs replacing. It has served its purpose to our school and local community. So you're wondering why we need a new bus? Well, for starters, it's old and full of rust. Repairs needed are very expensive and will more

Move Early To Curb Rust

Early detection of rust on your vehicle and immediate attention to repairs could make the difference between paying a few hundred dollars or thousands to a panel-beater to remove the rust. That's the view of Joe Franco, owner of Corrimal Smash Repairs. Unfortunately, he said, many people were

Rusty Ships A `good Buy' - Defence

The Minister for Defence, Mr McLachlan, has called for a report into a $30 million blow-out in the repairs to two rusty navy ships Australia bought from the United States. The Royal Australian Navy was shocked to discover the amount of rust in the 20-year-old ships, which have more